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About Us

StayGlamping home of luxury outdoor living

StayGlamping was born when my daughter asked me one day "daddy can we go camping?"  I looked at her and replied "camping" in a shocked, somewhat dismayed voice.. Let me give you guys something to visualise, I am 6,2" without shoes!  AND of a stocky build. The thought of me trying to cram myself into a sleeping bag in a tent potentially knee height was not something that I thought i'd be bothering doing after the age of 20!

I immediately started searching for a more attractive way of sleeping outdoors without having to fork out for an expensive visit to my local holiday park.

This is when I found Glamping. A luxury type of camping or outdoor living.

Fast forward a few years, I now offer this unique sleeping arrangement out to the most discerning clientele. A luxury pop up style outdoor hotel room which can be set up almost anywhere.

Our outdoor living arrangements consist of a huge room typically 5x5 metres in size and can go anywhere unto 12 x 12 metres. A space bigger than an average semi detached entire downstairs living plan. 

Picture this: a proper king size bed, duvets, pillows, sofa, heating, electric and lights, all surrounded by breath-taking countryside. Our unique, chic themed living space offers you the chance to experience luxury outdoor living which is so refreshing and completely different to traditional camping.

We offer our services for weddings, events and even smaller garden parties. 

Get in touch to see how we could provide unique outdoor shelter for your next event.