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What is Glamping?

What Is Glamping?

For those who are not that familiar with camping nor of luxury then be ready to learn a lot on this new word that everyone just seems to be throwing around everywhere. Glamping is a word that came from glamorous and camping. Others like to think of it as camping in style of luxury camping. It is a world where nature meets comfortable camping, or in other words, experiencing wildlife as it is without having to give up certain comforts.

The world has changed a lot in the past decades. Glamping nowadays is all about the experience.  Now, we can have the best of both worlds without having to compromise anything. As this movement grows, different incredible destinations adapt so that people can reside in treehouses, on mountaintops, on an eco-lodge and yet have a decent bedroom and bathroom  




The History of Glamping

Glamping has been around ever since 1520 during the Field of the Cloth of Gold or the diplomatic summit where King Henry VIII of England and King Francis I of France both attended. During this time 2,800 tens were set up in northern France to accommodate guests.

The Ottoman Sultans were known for their lavish tents which were even decorated by famous artworks of artists.

This tradition became popular among the Americans and Europeans who went to safaris in Africa. These wealthy adventurers did not want to sacrifice the comforts of their homes so the safari camps adapted and provided more amenities to their lodging places.


What is inside the accommodation for glamping?

A glamping tent comes with a double bed, complete with mattresses like the ones you normally have in a hotel room. Glamping in Nottingham includes an electric socket for all your charging needs, electric heater, kettle & tea, coffee, milk, sugar, and extra air beds. A maximum of two air beds can be requested as well from the accommodations team. Communal male and female toilets and shower facilities are also accessible from your tent. The shower rooms have easy access for the physically challenged. There is also hot running water for your basic washing needs.




Did you know that in other places glamping is not limited to tents? Other examples of glamping also include safari tents, yurts, cabins, and cottages, tipis, treehouses, cubes and pods, airstreams and trailers, geo domes, and wagons and shepherd’s hut.

Each of these accommodations is equipped with the amenities that your bedroom or a hotel room can provide. They are also weather-proof, aided by electricity, insulation, and heating to offer you the best temperature inside.


What can you find at a luxury campsite?



Luxury campsites or better known as glamping camps are set up all over the world.

Glamping in Nottingham has an onsite store for all the everyday amenities that you might need. It also has a cafe near the main reception area just a few minutes’ walk from the entrance of the park. The cafe serves breakfast every day and has a wide array of snacks you can consume. During the night, campsites also provide activities like campfire, games, and even the creation of eating of s’ mores. Your tents are also maintained daily by housekeeping so that you won’t be disturbed by animals. Just make sure that you are not keeping food inside your tent that will invite them in.


Things you can expect at the Nottingham Glamping site

Are you interested in glamping at Nottingham? You would love their tagline! “Just come up, we’ve got you covered.” What an absolute creative play of words that also lets you know that you won’t have to worry much about anything else besides showing up.




StayGlamping at Holme Pierrepont is a great place for a short getaway whether with your whole family, your partner, or your best friends. Set in the great UK countryside, in acres of country park, but also near the city center is a place to unwind. The location of Pierrepont is just a 10-minute drive away from Nottingham, where you can see many of the popular tourist attractions.


Luxury camps are more eco-friendly than a normal hotel. Your glamping experience in Nottingham will deeply immerse you in nature and help you unwind and give you a comfortable sleep at the end of each day. The views are fantastic in this secluded place with a wide array of activities that you can avail of.

Other things that stayglamping offers

Besides being one of the places to go to for your glamping adventure, stayglamping also offers other services that you might be interested in.

True to their word, they got you covered.

This campsite offers Wedding bell tents for hire if you are getting married. If you love the great outdoors so much that you want it to be a part of your wedding then you will not be disappointed with the wedding bell tents that they have. You can comfortably room all your guests in their own tents and let them be a part of the experience of being close to nature.

Besides the wedding bell tents, they also have garden party canvas canopy tents. This is good for simple intimate parties. 

For other tent needs and concerns, simply get in touch with their accommodation team and they will happily supply your needs according to your requirements.


What to bring for your glamping trip

When you have chosen a location, booked it, and settled your transportation it is now time to pack your belongings. So what exactly it is you bring on a glamping trip?

Bring your personal belongings and wear weather appropriate clothes. That is all you need. You won’t need to load your car with all kinds of camping gear because glamping got you covered. Everything that you need can be found in your accommodation.


Glamping has provided us a way to enjoy nature in a whole new different level. Take advantage of this opportunity to make great memories with those you love. You don’t have to worry about anything else because your accommodation has got you covered so be immersed in nature, relax, enjoy, take photos, read a book, and even learn a new hobby, take time to invest in your soul and you will surely not regret it.